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The next Big Thing

To secure public spaces, cameras and face recognition software are increasingly being used to identify passers-by and record movement profiles. This is where the Polish designer Ewa Nowak comes in. She asks: How does a society develop that attempts to establish order by monitoring its members?

Social coexistence is complex and based on value systems that everyone accepts. Cameras do not help to consolidate this system. That is why some of Nowak's ideas revolve around the concealment and masking of facial contours to prevent machine recognition.
Her project "Face Jewellery" in particular focuses on the relationship between recognizability and identifiability. When you put on her face jewelry, you remain recognizable to friends, but you can no longer be identified with the help of algorithms. In doing so, pure functionality is broken up and color, form and material are used, as they are typical for jewelry. A simple but effective language of forms. Because to escape surveillance, we don't have to go out into the street with black stripes on our faces; a nice accessory is perfectly sufficient. I am looking forward to the set of new designs that will certainly follow the concept. You could even change your anti-facial recognition look, like glasses...


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